ProphyMagic Freestyle Cordless Handpiece

ProphyMagic Freestyle Cordless Handpiece
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Tired of being restricted by cords? Freestyle your cleaning with the handpiece that offers cord-free accessibility and freedom from expensive angles. The Prophy Magic Cordless FreeStyleTM Prophy System provides enhanced comfort and convenience and the freedom to use attachments you like.

The full system comes with:
• The Cordless Handpiece
 Internal Rechargeable Battery
• Comes with One (1) Nose Cones
• Push Button Rheostat
• 100 Disposable sleeves
 Charging Base

The electronic control system offers a smooth start allowing for easy loading and prophy paste control. Then enjoy the comfort and accessibility of the lightweight handpiece. The Prophy Magic FreeStyleTM is quieter than traditional handpieces, and is intended to reduce patient stress.

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Price $750.00