ProphyMagic Mystisa Motor

ProphyMagic Mystisa Motor
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Whether you're on the move, or just looking for some more mobility within your own office, the Mystisa Portable Motor is right for you. This powerful motor will accept any "E" type attachment and can run for 5-7 hours on a fully charged battery.

- 0-30,000 rpms
- Variable Speed Dial
- Forward/Reverse
- Runs on Battery or A/C Power 

-Mystisa "E" Type Motor
-Motor Stand
-Power Cord and Adapter
-Carrying Case
-Clip-on Leather Case for Power Box. 

Additional attachments also available: 1:1 Nose Cone (blue), 4:1 Nose Cone (green), and 1:1 Contra Angle.

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Price $500.00